New Podcast!

Enjoyed the hosts of Lightning Struck Lokeans podcast? We have created a new podcast called The Heathen and the Witch. We will be talking about our stories on our paths, interview people, and talk about current events all within a ritualistic, intentional, and contemplative framework. We will still be talking about Loki, of course, however … More New Podcast!

Loki and Trust

It’s true that Loki is exactly what He says He is. He is a trickster. He puts wool over the eyes in order to get His way. He’s a master schemer. A planner above all planners. He’s wormed His way out of death and He can do it again. For every action of His, there’s … More Loki and Trust

Devotional Poetry – ‘Shameless’

Submitted by Lotus System ‘Shameless’ Tonight, I honour Loki the Shameless. Mother of shame-slayers, who face their shame head-on and unravel their trauma. Father of truth-speakers, who change people’s lives with their survival stories. Shepherd of so-called ‘monsters’, taught they should be ashamed of themselves for simply *existing*, who learn to love themselves in your … More Devotional Poetry – ‘Shameless’

Introducing Our Community Podcast!

If you’re a follower or devotee of Loki, chances are you’ve often gotten fed up with the increasingly small amount of Norse Pagan and Heathen resources online that are just… neither reliable nor welcoming. Whether for suspiciously alt-right leanings, problematic behaviours, or just plain old dark god-bashing tendencies, the scene can often be a real … More Introducing Our Community Podcast!

Returning to Loki

Recently, I’ve had a bit of a disconnect with Loki. It is not that I’ve felt abandoned or that I stopped sensing His presence whenever He sought it fit, but it was the worst kind of fear I used to have as a beginner. I thought that any moment in my spiritual path that was … More Returning to Loki